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The Money Protector Wealth Master Class


Master Your Money!

The only Masterclass you will ever need to learn how to build and protect wealth like the super rich. Brought to you by The Money Protector Wealth Advisory.  Here's what you get..


An Insider's Guide To Becoming Wealthy From The Tried And True Secrets The Super Rich Use Every Day To Build and Protect Their Wealth…

Learn How The Super Rich Acquire, Sustain & Scale their Financial Empires And How You Can Do The Same! No Matter How Much Money You Have!


Discover The Exact Same Super Rich Strategies You Can Use To Build Enormous Wealth And Pay Less Taxes…


Based On Three Years of Interviews And Exaustive Analysis Of The Super Rich And Top Financial Experts…


Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how the super rich build and protect their financial empires? And how about their playbook with all the rules, key insights and secrets to how they build enormous wealth? Well, now you have it, with The Money Protector Wealth Masterclass. You will learn from their playbook, painstakingly compiled by The Money Protector. 

The Money Protector MasterClass is you need to know to best build and protec your wealth from our licensed experts based on years of research and interviews with the super rich. In this MasterClass, you will learn the secrets of the super rich from our insider’s knowledge, taught by CEO Dan Mechem. And here is our ironclad, money back guarantee: We are quite sure you won't find all of these poweful wealth building tools anywhere else.


The ten week Money Protector Wealth Building MasterClass course meets once a week on Zoom for a one hour session, for a total of 10 sessions. Email us or call to set up a free consultation to discuss class details and how you can be in the drivers seat with your financial future. 


                                        Masterclass Sessions


Session 1: Everything You Know About Money Is Wrong. Find out why the assumptions and ideas you have about money are holding you back from building a healthy, long term relationship with money, like the super rich have.


Session 2: Never Run Out Of Money In Retirement Plan. Learn how to never run out of money in retirement if you are a baby boomer, and build super rich wealth with no market risk.


Session 3: The #1 secret method and strategy the super rich use to build and protect generational wealth. Learn this extraordinary tool that the super rich, like the Rockefeller family, have used for generations.


Session 4: Double Your Returns And Protect Your Money With A Tax Shelter        Discover how to double your returns with "The Flex Method" tax shelter, with high growth and safety! The Super Rich tax shelter of choice.


Session 5: Use Control and Leverage To Build Wealth Like A Boss. Learn how the super rich use “control” and “leverage” to build wealth by using other people’s money


Session 6: Crypto Gold Rush Warnings, and How To Protect Your Earnings. Learn why crypto is a very risk proposition, and how to protect your gains from cryptocurrency or NFT’s with new 21st century wealth protection tools used by the super rich.


Session 7: How The Rich Pay Less Than 2% in Taxes. Learn s how the super rich pay only 2% taxes or less. And how you can learn to pay much less in tax from their playbook!


Session 8: How The Super Rich Use Trusts To Build and Guard their riches. Find out what kids of Trusts the super rich use and prefer to build wealth that you can profit from.


Session 9: Why Einstein calls compound interest the 8th wonder of the world. Find what compound interest is and how the super rich use it every day to build massive wealth. You can too!


Session 10: Ditch Your 401k. Find out why the super rich don't use 401k's and IRA's how the super rich avoid “tax traps” and why the 401k is the worst financial instrument for your money, and where your money is better leveraged and deployed for maximum growth and safety.

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