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Trump supporters and patriots: Live the American Dream by unlocking the secrets of wealth with The Money Protector.


Meet Our Founder: Dan Mechem

Trump supporter Dan Mechem is a patriotic and proud American, and a seasoned and experienced wealth strategist. He served as Press Secretary for John McCain earlier in his career and was an Emmy award winning Fox Reporter and White House Correspondent in the 1990’s. He founded The Money Protector to help millions live the American dream with new methods and strategies to build and sustain wealth.

Our Money Protector clients have not lost one dime during the economic crisis. I am proud that we have been able to teach people our secrets to unlocking wealth, to significantly grow and protect their money even during the most trying of times. That’s the Money Protector Way. Protecting our clients at all costs, day in day out.

Dan Mechem, CEO The Money Protector

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