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The Big Lie. You've been lied to by Wall Street, The Big Bad Banks, and Uncle Sam. The Whole System Is Rigged Against Us. But You Can Learn How To Fight The Big Lie With The Money Protector's Insider's Guide To Becoming Wealthy From The Tried And True Secrets The Super Rich Use Every Day


Learn To Use The Exact

Same Super Rich Strategies  

To Build Wealth And Pay Less Tax

Based On Hundreds Of Interviews From The Money Protector With The Super Rich And Top Financial Experts

Written by The Money Protector Wealth Advisory founder and CEO, Dan Mechem, former Press Secretary to John McCain and emmy award-winning investigative reporter. The perfect person with the experience and exact skill set to expose The Big Lie and point you to The North Star of true wealth and prosperity. 

The Money Protector
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 Learn How The Super Rich Acquire, Sustain & Scale their Financial Empires And How You Can Do The Same! No Matter How Much Money You Have!

The Money Protector's insider's guide to become wealthy
from the tried and true secrets of the super rich

Learn how to build a healthy, long term relationship with money, like the super rich have, that keeps on giving

Learn how to never run out of money in retirement if you are a baby boomer, and build super rich wealth with no market risk

Discover how to double your returns with the #1 tax shelter, with high growth and safety! The Super Rich tax shelter of choice.

Learn how the super rich use “control” and “leverage” to build wealth by using other people’s money

Learn how to protect your gains from cryptocurrency or NFT’s with new 21st century wealth protection tools used by the super rich

Learn how the super rich pay only 2% in taxes or less. And how you can do the same from their weatlh playbook!

Understand the strategies the super rich use to protect their money like Warren Buffett and how you can too!

Learn how to build the right kind of trust and estate plan that the super rich use to build your wealth and legacy

Einstein called it "the eight wonder of the world." Find out how the super rich use "compound interest" to build massive wealth. You can too!

Find out why the super rich don't use 401k's and IRA's how the super rich avoid “tax traps” and why the 401k is the worst financial instrument for your money