"After exhaustive research, analysis and scores of happy clients, I am delighted to report that our company has discovered the Holy Grail of growth and protection. With this discovery, we have the master key to unlock your wealth. That's a bold claim. And we stand behind it 100%. In fact, the Money Protector has perfected this bulletproof wealth strategy used for many years by the ultra rich like Warren Buffet and the Rockefeller family. It typically produces double digit, tax free returns, often exceeds Wall Street mutual fund gains, and is not subject to the whims and volatility of Wall Street. Experts consider it to be the #1 legal, domestic tax shelter too. Want to hear and learn more? Please give us 30 minutes of your time and you decide for yourself whether this is the Holy Grail."


Sincerely, Dan Mechem

 CEO and Chairman.

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Rich people know how to make money. Wealthy people know how to make money and keep more of it. Let that sink in for a minute.  It's what Warren Buffett and iconic families like the Rockefeller’s do. And we've got their playbook. With your name on it. We consistently deliver between 18% and 28% tax-free returns for our clients. And you don’t have to be a millionaire to profit from our knowledge. Our clients each receive a customized “Wealth Creation Blueprint”, the foundation of your financial freedom. 



Question: where can you consistently garner high rates of compounded tax-free wealth, safety & liquidity? And the #1 domestic tax shelter? Answer: The Money Protector. Our clients have not lost one dime during the pandemic. That's WHY we are The Money Protector. We know money. And we guard yours like a Brink's truck. 





Experience is everything when it comes to your wealth strategy and tax mitigation. The Money Protector has alliances with numerous strategic partners to help our many clients acquire & protect wealth, including Schechter Wealth, an 80 year-old company with over $1 billion under management, Wise Money Tools, Desert Rose Capital, Verdeo Financial and Olympus Tax. We work closely with tier 1 lenders such as US Bank, Wells Fargo and Citibank.




You will likely never find another financial strategy approach like The Money Protector. It combines what might seem at first glance to be impossible or even implausible: double digit returns typically higher than Wall Street averages, ultra safe, liquid, and grows and compounds tax free.


It passes on to your heirs tax free as well, and bypasses probate. Financial experts consider it to be the #1 legal domestic tax shelter. And it’s used every day to turbocharge people’s wealth exponentially. Now you see what we mean by the Holy Grail. This is really astonishing.


When we were first introduced to this, we had to see it in action to believe and trust this extraodinary secret to unlocking wealth. Then, we witnessed proven results time and time again, client after client, earning double digit returns sometimes in the 18% to 28%. The Holy Grail. Delivered.


Interestingly, you’ve probably never heard of this strategy and method. And it’s not something you’ll likely find on Wall Street from traditional brokers or money managers. So what exactly is this proven financial method and strategy? We are happy to explain it in more detail and in living color. So If you’re dying to find out what this is all about, simply book a time on our calendar link below. That way you can witness this yourself in action. Because seeing is believing.



“The Money Protector changed my life and the way I think about money, and how to best protect and grow my wealth. I have learned so much that I never knew before. There have been so many things my prior financial advisor did not know or tell me. Thank God I found The Money Protector because with their strategies, I have not only seen my wealth increase substantially, their strategies actually protected my money from the current stock market crash. I did not lose one dime!” Money Protector client: April 2020.


The Money Protector is the best way to build and protect your wealth!


Learn From The Money Protector

Create Retirement Income You Can Count On


We are the experts on retirement income. Could you run out of money in retirement? Learn how to create cash flow to last the rest of your life. Protect and guard your savings and retirement like an armored truck.

Grow And Protect Your Money Like A Rockefeller

You profit from our use of the same financial strategies the Rockefeller family has used to build and preserve wealth for generations. 

The Truth about 401(k) taxes and fees

...that could end up costing you tens of thousands. We'll send you our groundbreaking report on why a 401k is "America's Greatest Retirement Mistake". 

How to "Be Your Own Bank"

Reduce or eliminate interest paid to banks and credit card companies. Be your own bank. Just like the Rockefeller's, or Ray Kroc from McDonald's.

Grow Your Money

How to get potential double digit growth on your money, but never lose a dime in the stock market when it crashes.

Don't Trust Washington Politicians to Lower Taxes

Take control of your tax liability by putting yourself into a Zero Percent Tax Bracket in retirement

Protect Your Money

Never lose money again during market crashes or corrections due to economic recessions or catastrophes. Find out new way and methods to protect your money. That's why we're The Money Protector.

Outpace Inflation

Bank accounts and CD's aren't even keeping up with inflation, learn strategies to safely grow your money at a rate that outpaces inflation so you aren't losing buying power. Be smart with your money and give it velocity and growth.

Alternative to 401(k)'s and IRA's

Maintain control and access to your money throughout your life without all the red tape of government qualified plans. Don't let Uncle Sam tell you when to take out or disburse your money. It's your money after all!

Dan Mechem

Meet Our Founder

Dan Mechem is a licensed weatlh advisor who began his career as Press Secretary for John McCain in Washington D.C.. He then served as a White House television news correspondent. His next act was being named political and investigative reporter for Fox in Philadelphia, where he worked as an emmy-award winning reporter for seven years. 


Mechem was later named Vice President and General Manager for a division of Nielsen. He spearheaded and had purview over the company’s efforts in the media and entertainment space, managing and nurturing relationships with the Hollywood movie studios, TV networks and gaming companies.


Later in his career, Mechem served as Senior Vice President for Unit 9, a London based agency with offices worldwide. Unit 9 recently won 2019 Ad Age Production company of the year. Mechem was recently named Chairman of SknVue, a non-profit  501C3 dedicated to combating skin cancer. 

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As CEO of The Money Protector, Mechem has personally assembled our world-class partners. This includes our best in breed financial advisors, wealth strategists, CPA’s, attorney's, actuaries and retirement planning experts.


“I had an epiphany years ago about money and wealth accumulation. I realized that most people, wealthy or otherwise, don't really know what they are doing! They do not really have a cogent, comprehensive financial or retirement plan. Most also don’t really have a solid team surrounding them, beyond a stockbroker, to advise and consult across a 360 degree view of their wealth, taxes, wills, and much more. Decisions are often made if a vacuum and are ill-informed."


"Many people make serious mistakes in wealth accumulation strategy that cost them dearly, literally. It's like handing over your car to your mechanic, and you have no idea what's under the hood or how the engine works, and blindly trust It's the same thing with most people and their money. They don't know their money, or have a real strategy, and like the mechanic in our example, they simply outsource everything to their financial advisor. To be sure, that's not wise or prudent. 


At the heart of this wonderful company is the desire to help protect and grow wealth with this in mind. And the team we have assembled is really quite extraordinary. We are The Money Protector!"

Dan Mechem 

CEO and Founder

The Money Protector LLC


You are in the driver’s seat with The Money Protector


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